About Gladstone

Why we exist
Gladstone AI's mission is to promote the responsible development and adoption of AI by providing safeguards against AI-driven national security threats, such as weaponization and loss of control. We support organizations across the spectrum in making informed decisions on AI policy, strategy, procurement, and risk management. As a for-profit entity with no institutional investors or ties to special interest groups, we ensure the integrity of our policy advice and align our interests with those of our U.S. government customers.

Our founders
Gladstone is led by Jeremie Harris (CEO) and Edouard Harris (CTO), who have unique experience at the
intersection of tech and national security policy. They've cofounded several startups (including one YC company), invested in dozens of others, worked with researchers at some of the world's leading AI labs, and briefed Cabinet-level officials, Under Secretaries, and teams at every level in multiple departments and agencies across the U.S., U.K., and Canadian governments.

Jeremie is a national security expert, bestselling author, podcaster, and creator of the leading course on AI in national security, Foundations of AI. Edouard is a technical AI safety and security researcher, serial startup founder, and software engineer who oversees Gladstone's LLM infrastructure.

Mark Beall, an original Gladstone founder and now AI safety and security policy advocate, is the former head of AI policy at the Pentagon.

Why we started Gladstone
The genesis of Gladstone was the release of GPT-3 in 2020. With that milestone, our team recognized the implications of AI scaling and the potential for a race between frontier AI labs that could create significant risks from increasingly powerful AI systems. And we know that when that happened, the government would soon get involved.

Knowing that tech and government don't always communicate effectively, we positioned Gladstone to facilitate U.S. government understanding of advanced AI. Our goal was to ensure that if powerful, dual-use AI systems become a reality, sufficient safeguards are in place to prevent catastrophic outcomes.

Our work
Since officially setting up Gladstone in 2022, the company has been at the forefront of educating and advising the highest echelons of the U.S. government on AI opportunities and risks. We've proudly supported the U.S. government's efforts to improve its understanding of advanced AI and AGI. Our contributions include training hundreds of Department of Defense (DOD) staff, from senior executives to generals and admirals, building first-of-its-kind LLM infrastructure to support government use cases, and providing briefings to multiple Cabinet officials in the U.S. and allied nations. Our collaborative efforts with the world's top contingency planners have been pivotal in developing national security safeguards for advanced AI risks.

Our services
To advance our mission, Gladstone AI focuses on three main lines of effort:

1) AI Foundations Course. Training public and private sector leaders at the highest levels on AI's uses, benefits, and risks. This course famously predicted ChatGPT before it happened.

2) AI Observatory. Software infrastructure for rapid prototyping, testing, and evaluation of LLM-powered apps within the Pentagon.

3) AI Policy Support. Working closely with U.S. government agencies to craft national security safeguards for advanced AI.

Join us
We've been fortunate to build a fast-growing and self-sustaining business at the same time as we continue to execute on our urgent policy mission. That's given us the independence and freedom of action we need to make an impactful and positive contribution to U.S. national security. If you're motivated by our mission and eager to contribute to making a positive impact, we'd love to chat. Check out our open positions.

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