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Respond to emerging AI capabilities. At the speed of relevance.

We train your team to understand advanced AI, and track key breakthroughs for you as they occur. So you can quickly leverage the latest AI capabilities, and respond to the risks they create.

The announcement of the text-generating system GPT-3 in mid-2020 started a race to scale in AI that continues today.

This race has both unlocked valuable new capabilities ‚ÄĒ and created novel threats and national security risks.
Graph of increasing compute cost of the largest AI models.Graph of the increasing compute cost of large AI models. (Truncated for mobile.)
Image credit: OpenAI.

Learn what matters in AI. No math, no code.

Gladstone's Foundations of AI course positions your team to understand key AI trends and advances. So you can leverage new capabilities, and respond to novel risks.

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Designed by experts.

Foundations of AI was built from the ground up by experienced AI specialists. From AI startup founders backed by top investors, to experts in AI national security policy who regularly brief U.S. officials at the highest levels, our instructor team is among the most qualified in the world.
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Taught for everyone.

Developed over multiple iterations with pilot users across industry and government, Foundations of AI uses simple, nontechnical explanations that everyone can understand. No technical background needed.
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Permanently evergreen.

AI¬†moves fast:¬†miss a beat, and you're out of date. Foundations of AI¬†focuses on core topics, robust trends, and foundational principles that stand the test of time ‚ÄĒ with frequent updates that include timely examples and exercises.
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Built for impact.

Along with explanations, Foundations of AI gives you hands-on experience with cutting-edge AI, and includes practical explanations of what you can do to prepare. So you'll be ready to face the strategic impact of this fast-moving field.

Trusted by leaders at elite organizations

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"Excellent non-technical explanations of AI, how it works, current and near-future applications, hints at policy/security implications. Thanks for making it interesting, accessible, relevant and current."
Vice Director J2, U.S. Combatant Command
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Great course! Really well presented and comprehensible even to a non-techie like me! Thanks! 
Former General Counsel for Homeland Security

Track AI's impact on your team. In real time.

AI moves fast, but you can move faster. Gladstone's AI Tracker monitors advances as they occur and tells you what they mean for your mandate.

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Achieve situational awareness.

Get alerts whenever a new AI capability emerges that introduces new risks, or violates key operational assumptions.
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Leverage world-class insights.

‚ÄćReview plain-English summaries of AI¬†advances written by world-class researchers and security specialists.
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See around corners.

Discover key trends that allow you to place smart bets on future AI capabilities, opportunities, and risks. 
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Guard against emerging threats.

Understand the new malicious uses of AI systems as they emerge, and how to protect yourself against them.
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Get ready for advanced AI.